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Christine Gillis Khalil, Boston, USA


 "I had the good fortune to first meet Miguel, a 13 year veteran rider from the Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre, in 2006. Since that time awa he has impressed me with his dedication to the classical art of dressage, his correct training, his talent, and his knowledge of the "whole" horse. But most of all he has a gift for teaching and explaining in a way that everyone understands. His passion for the horse and the art is ever present!
Miguel has assisted me in finding, trying and buying 2 PREs in Spain, after which they remained in training with Miguel until export. In 2015 Miguel and I worked out a plan for clinics in the United States and for the past 5 years we have had twice a year 6 day clinics for here in Massachusetts. In the States, Miguel has developed a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students eager each time for his next visit.


These are not your typical clinics. What I get personally out of his clinics is his insight to each horse's way of traveling due to its conformation, biomechanics and way of thinking. Considering these aspects in total makes clear the best approach to take in order to better train each individual horse. It is definitely not a "cookie cutter" type of clinic.

Every ride is different, every lesson structured individually for the benefit of the horse and for the advancement of the rider as Miguel quickly assesses the weaknesses and strengths of the pair and by virtue of his classical background and his in depth study of the Masters, he guides the rider in exercises and movements which effectively address the issues and improve both horse and rider. I most enjoy when he quotes an 18th century master and references the exercise that he just gave the rider to a master. Additionally, he involves the auditors attending his clinics so they, as well as the riders, leave with something new. A true renaissance man, Miguel generously shares his deep knowledge of the arts, history, and training with riders and auditors alike.I have complete trust in his training methods and totally agree with them. The horse's best interest is never compromised and at the same time the potential of the horse can be fully realized."



Olivia Banyon, New Jersey, USA

"No matter what level or age the rider or horse are,  Miguel teaches with fairness and a classical system that produces the best of the horse and rider. Whether Piaffe, Passage or basic straightness and throughness work, Miguel's teaching is clear and respectful yet demanding for correctness. I have now had two young horses in training with him in Spain and he cared for them like they were his own. He stayed in contact with me regularly to give me updates and talk me through his training process. After one horse was imported, he was always available when I had a question. He is one of the most dedicated, honest and humble horsemen around today who truly cares for and delights in his students and horses."



Bonnie Miller


"Miguel brings special energy to the lessons I have taken when I was the rider, those I have observed, and even his on-line instruction that spans  the Atlantic. His approach is to teach from the soul; to bring is knowledge, experience and  passion to each conversation with an exacting  precision. He is adept at delivering the right mix of instruction  to each rider, setting the bar to the best level for both to grow, improve and gain confidence.  Above all, what is perhaps  most remarkable, is he explains the "why" behind what he instructs horse and rider to do, always illustrating how horse and rider are laying the building blocks necessary to move through the levels." 




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